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      Home>Products>Crosslinking agent and accelerator for pu resins

    Two-component PU resin crosslinking agents

    (ps/25℃ )
    Solid content
    NCO% Characterisitics & Applications
    PC-115 1.5-3.5 30 ± 1 16-17

    Two-component cross-linking agent (non-yellowing use)

    PC-380 20-60 30 ± 1 13-14

    Two-component cross-linking agent (generally)

    Two-component PU resin accelerator
    appearance Characterisitics & Applications

    Light yellow transparent liquid

    General type, bridging hardening accelerator, after ripening, the coating material of good


    Light yellow transparent liquid

    Environmental protection, bridging hardening accelerator, aging, the coating material of good

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