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    Changtai Chemical Industry (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. was established in AD 1998, the investment amount of 10 million dollars, to purchase 52,000 square meters, 12,000 square meters of housing.

    The company has a fully automated PE (polyester polyol), PU (poly urethane resin) reactors and TPU film professional manufacturing machinery, and with testing, research and development and other sophisticated equipment. And configure the advanced research and development and technical personnel, customers can research and development, new product development modulation formula.

    Focus on environmental protection, manufacturing polyester polyol resin (PE) (polyester polyol), poly amino resin (PU) (poly urethane resin), polyurethane resins, industrial synthetic resin, leather, split leather with resin, synthetic leather surface treatment agent , crosslinking agents, paints, adhesives, engineering plastics film (TPU films), insulating varnish, thinner.

    Our products are of good quality, fast delivery, fair prices, dedicated service. There must be a sufficient condition to become the most solid and powerful third-party satellite manufacturer.

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